29 May 2020

Interesting news about Moompi is underway...



Gedurende 2018 het ons hard gewerk om fondse in te samel om 'n paar projekte aan te pak. Ons skenk dus hiermee die deel wat oorbly aan jou om jou te bedank vir alles wat jy vir ons Louwtjies doen.

Jy's ons almal se " HERO"!!!

Leerlingraad 2018

Moompi™ is a national child protection and protocol programme
Moompi™ started in 1999.  The  Programme is an initiave of the Department of Basic Education.
The programme empowers educators, caregivers, health care workers, parents (in fact every person involved with child care) to empower the child, in turn, not to become a victim of sexual, physical or emotional abuse. 

Moompi ™ is a prevention programme. Various stakeholders, were involved with the development and implementation. 

The programme is a unique concept where text, rhyme, rhythm are used. Empowered learners interact with Moompi, the National Child Protection Character.

The Moompi ™ Programme is available in English, Afrikaans, Sepedi, Zulu and Setswana. Numerous educators, welfare and community workers, legal, medical, police officers, psychologists, & parents are using the programme.

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